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Graphic Design

Graphic Design


Graphic Design

Graphic Design


I love designing logos and tend to lean toward simple, clean designs. Though in the case of Rushing's rarities, a more complex historically inspired design was more appropriate.


AR Northwest; Logo Design

The logo design process is always a little different for each client. For AR Northwest, the plan of the business changed mid project. Initially, the business was intended to be an industrial repair and calibration service but the client saw the demand for home repair and renovation in his area. The initial designs for the logo was a call out to industrial equipment but after the change, the client wanted a clean simple logo that reflected the Home Repair and Renovation process. After this change, I saw that the lettering in the logo mark resembled the trusses of a home, the client agreed and I was able to create the clean and professional logo that the customer wanted. 

AR Northwest logo design process

AR Northwest logo design process

Double U, LLC

Double U, App Design

Double U, App Design

Double U, LLC is an online retailer who mostly sells GPS tracking equipment for Hunting dogs and self branded apparel. When I was hired on at Double U there was an established logo and the beginnings of a color scheme but not much else in the way of identity or branding. Since then I have established a unified identity and helped to solidify their brand as the top hound hunting supply company in the US.

The identity I've established for Double U extends from their website, to their mobile site and across all of their printed ads. I've designed apparel, vinyl decals, Houndsmen Magazine (a 68 page semi annual magazine and catalog) and even a truck wrap.

Houndsmen Magazine

When I started at Double U, LLC I was asked to design a Magazine with a product catalog to be released on a semi annual basis. After establishing an identity for the company, I pulled that over to build the magazine.

Retribution; Mead Bottle Label

This label was designed as a case study, my goal here was to design a label for a bottle of alcohol that evoked the prohibition era while maintaining a modern feel. I acheived this by designing a typeface that had a Playbill feel and using crisp even strokes.

Rushing's Rarities and Designs Branding


Rushing's Rarities and Designs is a division of William Rushing Art in which I create props and Gaffs in the style of P.T. Barnum or Ripley's Believe it or Not. the designs below are intended to instill a sense of wonder and whimsy while harkening back to designs of the victorian era.

Rushing's Rarities & Design, Website Design

Rushing's Rarities & Design, Website Design

The National Hound and Tree Dog Association is a newly formed group of state organizations that come together to raise funds to be used for the preservation of the recreational and professional training and use of hounds and working dogs.

From the logo and their donation forms, to the hand coded website and Facebook page, every aspect of this identity is meant to evoke strength and national cooperation.

The National Hound and Tree Dog Association's online presence

The National Hound and Tree Dog Association's online presence

Digital Illustration

Traditional Illustration


Passion Projects

The Fine Art and Photography of William Rushing. Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Illustration and more, Bill is working in the Portland / Vancouver area.

Passion Projects

The Fine Art and Photography of William Rushing. Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Illustration and more, Bill is working in the Portland / Vancouver area.





Professional Art and design experience since 2005. William Rushing is a lifelong artist and designer from the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.


Professional Art and design experience since 2005. William Rushing is a lifelong artist and designer from the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.


  • Adobe CC

    • InDesign

    • Photoshop

    • Illustrator

    • Premiere Pro

    • Acrobat

  • Fusion 360

  • Squarespace

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Social Media

  • ShopGate

  • Google Drive

  • Dropbox

  • Gmail

  • Microsoft Office

    • Excel

    • Outlook

    • Word

  • Macintosh OS

  • Windows


  • Identity & Branding

  • Typography

  • Print Production

  • Publication Design

  • Traditional Illustration

  • Digital Illustration

  • Photo Correction

  • Photo Manipulation

  • Copy Writing & Editing

  • Social Media

  • Fine Arts

  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Sculpture

  • Photography

Professional Experience

2014-Present • Graphic Designer / Creative Director • Double U LLC; Yacolt, Wa.

Successfully manage and coordinate graphic design projects from concept through completion for an online retailer selling GPS tracking equipment for hunting dogs and self-branded apparel. Collaborate with, management teams, and consultants to create vision, conceive designs, and meet all deadlines and requirements. Effectively build, motivate, and direct design teams. Develop and conduct highly persuasive sales and marketing presentations. Establish control over logo, identity, and branding initiatives.

  • Commended for the development of a unified identity/brand for the company based on only an existing logo, which resulted in making the company the most highly recognizable in the industry, as well as significantly enhanced sales.

  • Solely designed, laid out, edited, and prepared a 68-page magazine, Houndsmen Magazine, for press from scratch within a short three-month span, which was sent out to 15K addresses biannually.

2013 • Design Staff, File Management • Clark College Phoenix Publication; Vancouver, Wa.

Held concurrent responsibility for overseeing the design, illustration, and management of the master file of the project. Compiled all layouts for publication and ensured files were both complete and up to date.

  • Played integral role in enabling Phoenix to win numerous awards, including First Place in The American Scholastic Press Association’s Annual Magazine Competition, and 3rd place in the Pacific-Western Division of the Community College Humanities Association’s Literary Magazine Competition.

2010-Present • Owner, Graphic Designer, and Artist • William Rushing Art & Rushing's Rarities; Ridgefield, Wa.

Coordinate with a diverse range of clients to translate key business objectives into creative designs and marketing collateral. Keep abreast with current and latest methodologies and graphic design software. Ensure optimal quality, preciseness, and exactness of each project. Directly involved with logo design, identity design, branding, print collateral, custom carbonless forms, illustration, character design, and tattoo design.

  • Successfully designed logos for start-up companies, wherein branding has propelled growth.

  • Exhibited artwork at Google, Seattle location.

2008-2009 • Advertising Officer • WSU Art Student Union; Pullman, Wa.

Coordinated cross-functionally with leadership teams to coordinate and advertise all events and announcements. Creatively designed posters, banners, flyers, and postcards for art shows, guest lectures, group activities, and receptions. Leveraged strong knowledge and use of Adobe Creative Suite.

2006- 2008 • Graphic Designer • University Recreation Marketing Washington State University; Pullman, Wa.

Tasked with creating all print-based advertisement for the Student Recreation Centers. Adhered to strict identity and branding regulations on posters, flyers, and mailers using the internal file conventions and processes of the organization.

2005 • Instructor; Pre-teen Drawing/Illustration • Michael's Arts & Crafts; Vancouver, Wa.

During my time at Michael's I was asked to instruct a drawing class for pre-teen students. The students showed a marked improvement over the course of the class. 


January, 2014 • AAT • Graphic Design • Clark College • Vancouver, Wa


  • Volunteer – Teacher’s assistant teaching Adobe Creative Suite

  • Phoenix Publication Staff (see Experience)

June, 2010 • Bachelor of Fine Arts • Painting & Digital Media • Washington State University • Pullman, Wa


  • Advertising Officer; Art Student Union (see Experience)


Solo Art Exhibitions

February 4-8, 2008 • Fine Arts Gallery III • Curator: Jess Anderson, Art Student Union President • Washington State University

This was a solo exhibition of my student work. Displayed for my fellow students and the Faculty.

March 28-April 3, 2010 • Fine Arts Gallery III • Self Curated, Bachelor of Fine Arts Candidate • Washington State University

Titled "Are We There Yet?", this tongue-in-cheek exhibition referenced the enthusiasm for Space Travel and exploration of the 1950's and 60's that we seem to have lost much of in the years since. Featuring paintings of fantastic planets and Galactic Travel posters, this exhibit was not asking, "are we there yet," so much as it was asking, "why aren't we?" 

February 22-October, 2012 • Google Seattle Offices • Self Curated • Seattle, Washington

In February of 2012 I was asked to display some of my digital illustrations in the style of vintage advertisements in the Google Seattle location. 


Houndsmen Magazine. Vol. 1-7 (2014-2018). Print.

         Houndsmen Magazine's entire design, layout, editing, and pre-press is my work. I started this magazine/catalog from scratch upon beginning work at Double U, LLC. I was tasked with creating a 68 page publication for print to feature both stories and a full catalog of products.

"Phoenix 2013: A Journal of Art, Poetry and Fiction." Clark College Phoenix Publication. 33. (2013). Print.

         This publication featured some of my design, layout and illustration in it's final design. In addition, I supervised and maintained the master file for the project.

Coletta, Mike. "Defying the Ordinary: Bill Rushing Makes His Mark; Artist Profile." Chinook Yearbook: Crossing The Threshold. 109. (2008): 58-59. Print.

         The Washington State University Chinook 2008 Yearbook featured a 2 page spread highlighting my illustration and artwork.




Contact Graphic Designer and Artist, William Rushing for design quotes and questions.


Contact Graphic Designer and Artist, William Rushing for design quotes and questions.

Feel free to contact me about any questions you might have or if you're interested in commissioning a design or some artwork. 

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